Friday, August 29, 2008


HERE is the link to the show Furious mixed live while broadcasting the live Obama acceptance speech.

This show is broadcast every Thursday, and this week Obama's speech coincided with the show and allowed Furious to experiment with spinning up music to a live speech, about which he only had minimal advance information (NPR leaked some of the speech).

Disclaimer: As a proud Green, Furious George is not a Democrat, but, like many, Furious respects the way Obama has challenged the traditional malaise of the dems, and although much of his platform is WRONG (e.g. war's here and there; nuke power; provoking fights with terrorists who are only willing to die because of the past atrocities by US,) Furious supports Obama. Furious also supports Cynthia McKinney, a friend and old ally from the South who worked with Furious and the Greens for many years... For that matter, Furious has some respect for John McCain too, despite the fact he's a fucking hawkish wing-nut grandfather figure.


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