Friday, June 21, 2019

Trumpacolypse Now: Orange Elvis

Here is the show spotlighting the Rump 2020 kickoff campaign, from deep in hot sticky rump country Orlando, like sweaty quaalude n vodka Elvis, and all the crowd favorites, with help from Colbert and Kimmel, Fiore, and we even get into a little fun with some Tornado UFOs!

New music from Instupendo, Beshken, Saine and Smith, as well as a lil JID fun, Low End, and some old school 2012 classic DJ Shadow!

Saturday, May 25, 2019

Trumpacolypse Now: The Impeachable Man

Here is the show where we explore the "I words," including the insufferable infliction of lies, intoxicating investigations, and imminent impeachment, with help from old school clips from the movie: "The Invisible Man," plus Meyers, Intercepted, Colbert, and other fun.  New music from Fluke, JID, FlyLow, Low End, and some crazy remixed "Meat Beat Manifesto."

Friday, May 03, 2019

Trumpacolypse Now: Trump IS the Blackhole

Here is the show where we enter the Black-hole swallowing up life as we know it, Kimmel Highlights Tell that Donald Trump Is Lying, Sam B has a Rump roast, Super-cut of hypocritical Republicons, and much more. New music from Kedr, RP Boo, JID, The Field, Flume, J Cole, and lots of old school (Eric B and Rakim)...  With the Dreamville Fest, Moogfest, and other events in the Triangle, we've experienced so much incredible talent and creativity.  Thanks to the people who made that happen, and for giving us press-passes, ticket giveaways, and other goodies!!

Sunday, March 24, 2019

Trumpacolypse Now: Devil's Pie and Kushner 666

Here is the show spotlighting the beginning of the end, with Kushner's 666 projects and secret dealings for the devil, Trump's Bible, Fiore's Nothing to see here, and PSA's telling us "Don't you put it in your mouth," and things start to kick in with Hunter S. Thompson's reminder: "Just Press Play."

With the coming APRIL 6th DREAMVILLE Fest at Dorothea Dix Park in Raleigh
BIG SHOUTS TO J-COLE and his team bringing a benefit jam for the ages!  We played some new J-Cole Middle Child underneath the intro, the full song, as well as "Count it Up" see:

Plus, new music from Sclommo, R2J, and old school Low End.

Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Trumpacolypse Now: Trump is the Emergency

Here is the show broadcasting in the middle of the national emergency (the Trump Presidency), with help from Bill Mayer, Mark Fiore, Trump remains the enemy of the people, SNL get's ito the emergency, Seth Meyers explains how Climate Change is a real emergency, and Cathy Ann and that crazy lady back's it up!  New Music from PMal1, J Cole's Middle Child, and some crazy old "Daytime Naps," Two Fresh Beats, and more. Help from DJ One-Eyed-Erica, and DJ Smooth Flow JJ!

Saturday, January 26, 2019

Trumpacolypse Now: Impeach the MF

Here is the show where Cardi B runs, a Congressperson calls for "impeaching the motherfucker-- with help from Samuel Jackson, plus we hear from Pelosi, Noah, Colbert, and Anderson about "Let them eat Wall," Trump is the Grand Wizard, and we discovered 1957 Trackdown show "The end of the world" that is too surreal!  It's not a spoof.   New music from Cardi B, G Jones, and Pardison Fontaine - Backin' It Up, plus some FLYLO, LUKID, and other tweaked beats. (Tm)

Saturday, January 05, 2019

Trumpocalypse Still 2019

HERE is the show blasting into 2019 with our weird evil President, shutting down the country like the super villain Penguin, we remember the year in lies, Giuliani steers the car off the cliff, Chris Hayes tells us to "Ignore that Nonsense," President Bone Spur commands, and Michael Moore's New Year wish is for orange jump suits for the whole Trump crime family.

Brand new music from CloZee, Weav Beats, RTJ, and lots of old school Lukid, Loop Land, and more.
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