Friday, October 13, 2017

Trumpacolypse Now: Fake News, F'ing Morons, and Paper Towels

Here is the show spotlighting President Rump's attack on the first amendment, the terrible Vegas shooting, and we tip-toe up to nuclear war, with help from The President's Show;  "The Real News Tonight" Colbert and Stewart, old PSAs about nuclear winter, fire rages through S. Cali, Puerto Rico gets paper towels, Sen. Corker explains the "Beforetimes," Intercepted with J Scahill, S Meyers breaks down the numbers, and Cracked, Mathews, FOD, SNL explain the NRA and guns, Sam B explains office etiquette, and Eminem slams tRump freestyle! 

New music from Kedr Livanskiy, TuneYard's Gangsta, Lord Raja, Zavala reversed, Gasslamp, Two Fresh, and 1970's "Richard Twice" resampled with Diplo. 

Friday, September 29, 2017

Trumpacolypse Now: Anthem Protests and Tiki Torches

Here is the show where we take a knee against the Trump Sports Network, Puerto Rico almost washes away, Dreamers dream, the Russians take over, and more.  Lots of new music from Sylvan Esso, Holy Fuck, Sorceress, and Botany, as well as some old Paul White, Fly Low, and DJ Everything.

Friday, September 15, 2017

Trumpacolypse Now: DREAM ON

Here is the show where we fight for DACA and the Dreamers, Trump tries to pray the Brown People away, Olberman counts down the reasons we really f'n hate tRump,  the scary alt left emerges like Swamp Thing, Ted Cruz gets busted (and his porn name is Ted Cruz), Hurricane Harvey & Irma leave a path, and more.  New music from Zavala, plus some old school shit by DJ Sector 7G,  Gasslamp, and more.

Friday, September 01, 2017

Trumpacolypse Now: Climate Bats Last

Here is the show about Hurricane Harvey, Climate Breakdown, and apocalyptic flooding.  Live sounds from the eye of Harvey, George Monbiot, and a fed up flood-victim shreds a CNN reporter!   Music from Flying Lotus, Lord Raja, Kendrick Lamar, and, with HOPSCOTCH MUSIC FEST around the corner, we spotlight some of that music line up, including Run The Jewels!  

Friday, August 18, 2017

Trumpacolypse Now: No Trump! No KKK! No Fascist USA!

"They tried to kill my child to shut her up. Well guess what? You just magnified her."

Here is the show dedicated to Heather Heyer, starting with old clips from War of the Worlds, Don Lemmon calls out the KKK and David DuKe, classic “Disavowing Nazis” PSAs, including “Don’t Be A Sucker,” and “Skokie: When the Nazis Planned A March in A Jewish Community,” Colbert is sure of Trumps hate;  AM Joy walks us through the Charlottesville riots in real time,  Anonymous warns: "We Are Angry,” Jimmy Kimmel Wonders Whether Trump Is ‘Cutting Eye Holes Out Of His Bed sheets,  Donny Deutsch calls it: 'We Have A Racist As A President', Michael Moore hits the Duh button comparing Trump Voters to racists, Impeachment law, an LOCAL DURHAM Protesters topple Confederate statue and we meet Takiyah Thompson, the NCCU Student Who Pulled Down the Confederate Statue and Defied White Supremacy!   Fuck you Fascists.  Plus, music from Low End 16, Blawan, KenLamar, FlyLo LA, and some original Durham hip hop from Sylvan Esso. 

Friday, July 28, 2017

TRUMPACOLYPSE NOW: Satire is Dead, Sad!

Here is the show where we kick things off with new music from Hatiohead – TWEET (Radiohead’s “Special” Remix), Michael Moore calls for satirical shivs, Mark F explains Satires demise, Trump suffers from TBS (temp bone spurs) preventing him from serving while he strips Trans soldiers from the military, Don Jr’s “Nothing Burger” recipe, Secret recordings from the White House tour voice mail, Sam B shreds the Mooche, Ron Perlman impersonates the Garbler in Chief, and the The President Show gets into the first 6 months and screams at TVs... Plus new music from Kendrick (Feel), requested by DJ Acey A on his 9th Bday, some classic DJ Shadow, Beasties’ “Skills” (For Acey A, too), Zavala, Lord Raja, Chance’s Favorite Song, and more... 

Saturday, July 08, 2017

Trumpacolypse Now: Rumpcare

Here is a show with Preexisting conditions, a bill becomes a law, and RT's Lee Camp gets REAL ABOUT SINGLE PAYER, idiots replace vitamins with rhino horns, plus we celebrate with the G20 protesters, Federal Ethics Directors resign in protest, and more.   New music from Mackelmore, Moby's In this Cold Place (new song with amazing video), Lamar, Raja, and some old school Bullion, Paul White, and more...
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