Friday, July 25, 2008


HERE is a link to Free Radio Santa Cruz, who approached us about rebroadcasting the Furious George Show on their local FM station and online. DJ Skidmark Bob asked if we would mind a permanent weekly spot on their station, MONDAYS AT 1:00 PST... and we said of course! Considering all the amazing work those 'freaks' in Santa Cruz have done for micropower radio and free speech, (and not to mention the direct support for the Furious Show w/re material and inspiration), Furious is honored to help Free Radio Santa Cruz and other unlicensed low-power community stations--- just like Free Radio Asheville when Furious and friends founded it in 1998.

Now, ten years later, Furious is being SYNDICATED!

Furious War of the Worlds Conclusion

Here is the fourth and final War of the Worlds special! Orson Wells' classic radio production, spiked with anti-war soundbites... including new hip-hop from "Strip Music for Martians," Odd Nosdam, and Del... and old school with De La Soul and DangerDoom.

Friday, July 18, 2008

War of the Worlds part 3

HERE is the latest installment of the furious "War of the Worlds" classic radio production by Wells, spiked with Iraq clips and anti-war music... as well as new shit from Beck, Odd Nosdam, and the Roots. Couldn't help including more George Carlin... r.i.p...

Thursday, July 17, 2008

War of the Worlds "Made Easy" part 2

HERE is the second installment combining War of the Worlds with "War Made Easy"--- the first is the classic Orson Wells radio show; the latter is from Norm Solomon's anti-war movie...

And, as always, the newest hiphop and underground shit for your eardrums: Beck, Odd Nodsam, and new Deltron...

Tuesday, July 08, 2008


HERE is the latest show: a special from War of the Worlds ... War Made easy ...

Includes clips from the 1939 Radio special about the Mars Invasion as well as clips woven in from the anti-war movie "War Made Easy."

Also, new stuff from Deltron, Odd Nosdam, and more...

This show was posted on the "IndyMedia" Radio network. For those who don't know, Furious George was in Seattle 1999 for the 80K person protest that shut down the WTO meetings. It was during that protest when the "IndyMedia" network was born. check them out!
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