Friday, November 25, 2016

Trumpacolypse Now

Here is the first show in the Rump Era, where we take the plunge in deep and dark times in Amerikkka.   But, if you've followed the Furious Show, you probably aren't surprised by the state of things... Help from War of the Worlds, Apocalypse Now, Colbert, Revengeful Turkeys, the Resistance with Olberman, Black Friday specials, and a shout out to the Dakota Water Protectors... New music from Matmos's "This is", the Weeknd, Black Beatles, and lots of Low End 12, DJ Sector 7G, and much more...

Friday, November 04, 2016

Trumpacolypse 5-Day Countdown

HERE is the show-- possibly the last Thursday Night before the Trumpacolypse!  With that in mind, we take on the Orange-Holed Shit Bag T-Rump, with help from Keith Olberman, Mark Fiore, Funny or Die, Stephen Colbert, and soundbites from the classic "Media is the Massage" in light of the role of the media in this year's never-ending doom narrative.  Soundtrack provided by Jota Esa, Gasslamp Killer, FlyLo, and more.
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