Friday, October 23, 2015

Drones Exposed Part 2: Alien Invaders

HERE is the second installment in the special focus on Drones, Obomba, and the nightmare of these invaders from the sky.  Help from Funny Or Die, old movie real from "Plan 9", Mark Fiore, and more... Plus, music from Timmy Thomas's sampled "Why Can't we Live Together?", Lord Raja, Low End Theory, and lots of spooky sounds to get you in the Halloween Mood.

Drones Exposed Part 1: Furious Whistle-blowers

HERE is the show where we address the newest "SNOWDEN" insights about the cyrpto-fascist Drone Program operating under OBOMBA.   Help from Jeremy Scahill explaining Drone program and the utter disaster that it is.  Cool new music from Tungs "Master", CMWUW's Faded, and more...
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