Saturday, November 28, 2009

Furious F'd-Up Thanksgiving - Black Friday

HERE is the show Furious Fucks up Thanksgiving and Black Friday. Furious about Thanksgiving insanity: millions of factory-farm genetically mutilated birds to feed consumption crazy Americans. Kewl new music from Slugabed, Two Fresh Beats, and more. Plus, clips from the Walmart Trampling, PETA's turkey psa banned from TV, Stewart on Black Friday, and more... cold inescapable reality.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

local roadkill 09

HERE is the show spotlighting local hiphop... our usual "local roadkill" show. Plus, Obama wimping out on Health Care, and unsettling ads mixed up with a little spice from your favorite news outlets. Lots of local hiphop roadkill starting with Xmonkies from Raleigh, HavenCredible from Durham; Chapel Hill's Social Memory Complex, and Asheville's Two Fresh Beats.

Furious Fux Fox News and Fiends

HERE is the Furious middle finger for Fux News and the rest of the riech-wing mob... Soooo much new music, including fun "Slugabed", Two Fresh beats, BEAT DIMENSIONS, and more... plus some old school D.O.C.... yeah, the Doctor. Fucking with Fox and Fiends. Spotlighting John Stewards "busting" of Sean InsHannity for their FAKE coverage of T-bagging good old birthers. Fuck the radical right-wing minority. Eat on this loudmouths.... a tasty town-hall radio microbroadcast for your stupid renta-mini-mobs. I'm FURIOUS!!!!

Sunday, November 01, 2009

Fuirous Halloween Special

HERE is the Halloween Special, featuring scary stories about right-wing religious book-burners, Christians possessed by Ouija-boards, and the history of Halloween. Lots of thunder and lighting, screams, and ghoulish moaning...
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