Friday, December 27, 2013

Furious War on Xmas Special

HERE is the War on the War on Xmas, with clips from Fox-mass "Santa is White", Santa get's Happy Ho Ho, (NSA)nta is watching, Glenn Greenwald smacks around stupid journalists, an holiday greeting from Snowden, Mark Foire's Jesus re-branded, lots of Stewart and Colbert, and I had to throw in some crazy Key and Peele, too. New music from Childish Gabmino, and SchoolboyQ... plus BEATs from Bauaer, Clammy Clams, Two Fresh, Jay Z, Ganz, FlyLo, and more...

Monday, December 16, 2013

Furious Fortieth Special!

HERE is the furious fortieth birthday special mix-tape for the road trip to NYC Blizzard of Dec. 14 with DJ Nu Nu!! With Lupe Fiasco, Damon Wayans, Pretty Lights, and more...

Friday, December 06, 2013

Corporations, Spooks, and Drone-Delivery

HERE is the show spotlighting corporate spying of activists, NSA spying on everyone, and the Dronebama's (tm) deliver! Clips from Xfiles, Mark Foire, J Stewart, and more.  We're celebrating the 14th anniversary of the collapse of the World Trade Organization meeting in Seattle, December 5, 1999!!!!  We shut that fucker down!!  Plus  NEW Flying Lotus track from Grand Theft Auto soundtrack, Two Fresh Beats, and introducing to the Furious Show: "Clammy Clams" from NJ. Plus, help from DJ Nice Mike, DJ Eddie Abbey, and some beers from TJ's.
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