Saturday, May 22, 2010

Tea-Bagging Freedumb Works

HERE is the latest furious creation, spotlighting the idiotic freedomworks response to the Gieco Guy, with help from George Carlin. New music from Paul White, Roller Chop, and previously unreleased Flying Lotus. Get ready cause here we goooooo...

Friday, May 14, 2010

Infuriating Oil Spill Logic

HERE is the Oil Spill Special show, spotlighting the absurd oil spill spin. From Obomba to Beck... a bunch of slick doublespeak. Clips from Obama before and after he switched his mind on drilling, the drill baby drill fools, Mathews shredding former FEMA director, and more... spies like us, too. New music from Bullion, Jus Like Music, Low End Theory, Luv and Light, and more.

Furious About Goldman Sux And Wall Excrete

HERE is the show spotlighting the infuriating Goldman Sux and Free Market Fools. Spotlighting the recent controversy about capitalism's shinning stars: Goldman Sux and the rest of the Wall Street Con artists. Clips from the hearings on Capital Hill, Jon Stewart's shredding of the events, and more. Lots of new music from Bassnecter's new album (Time Stretch), New "Low End Theory" mix (#12), and much more underground hip hop.
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