Friday, September 25, 2015

T-rump Uncorked

HERE is the show were we fall deeper down the hole, playing T-rump board-games, Bill Mayer, Chomsky and Nader destroy the Don, Trump's time as a POW, the Media has a T-rump-gasim, Ivana Trump defends her man, and other bizarre creatures emerge from the deep.    Music from El P's "Little Johnny", lots of new Major Laser, GCM, and more.

Friday, September 04, 2015

Furious Giant Holes, T-Rumps, Face-bags, and Deez Nutts

HERE is the show where we fall further down the giant Hole, with attention to T-Rump, asshole cops, Food-bags and Deez-Nutts takes the lead!   Classic George Carlin on politicians, too!

New Music from Garden City Movement, Young Fathers, Major Laser, Run the Jewels,  Flying Lotus, and Beats from Low End Theory's "NoCanDo"-- will be heading this way to play the Hopscotch Music festival next weekend.  Hopscotch has been kind enough to donate Dr. Furious a VIP pass for the event, so stay tuned for beats next weeku that highlight the event!!
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