Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Furious Beckoninging and Armageddon

HERE is the show spotlighting the upcoming "Honor" Charade with Glen Beck, Armageddon, and Muslim Presidents...New music from Flying Lotus, Lorn, Low End Theory 15, NastyNasty, and more...

Friday, August 20, 2010

Ending the Iraq War with Terror Babies

HERE is the show spotlighting the "ending of combat" bs in Iraq as more civilians continue to die; War of the Worlds; and Terror Babies...New music from The Books, Robot Koch, NastyNasty, MIA, and more

Sunday, August 15, 2010


HERE is the show where we get Furious about the Obama diss to the Left, erosion of our rights, tailspin in Afghanistan, and on and on and on .... New music from Slugabed, Bassnecter, Paul White, and more...


HERE is the show focused on the "TOP SECRET AMERICA" report published by the Washington Post. New music from M.I.A's new "// / |/ /", Lorn's new "Nothing Else", Peter White's "The Purple Brain", and others. clips from Washington Post, Al Jazeera, and Democracy Now about the Top Secret America story.

Its still LEAKING

HERE is the show with a shinny hot spotlight on the leak that continues to leak... new music from Paul White, Lorn, FlyLo, and more.. .

Doomsday Baby Doomsday

HERE is the show spotlighting the insanity of the spill-- from the Drillbabydrill to reporters swimming in the mess. What happens if it never stops gushing? New music from Flying Lotus's Cosmograma, Bullion, Bassnecter, Robert Koch, and more..
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