Friday, April 23, 2010

Furious Earth Day Special Show

HERE is the Earth Day Special Show... spotlighting the beginning of Earth Day with original newsreel clips, protest sounds, and more. Happy 40th anniversary of Earth Day... Plus, recent news on Climate, Tea-bagging Climate deniers, and more. Holy shit, new hip hop from "Low End Theory" ... an amazing project by LA dj's, with "Nobody" and "Take" mixing. Plus, sounds from the "MemeCast 42", Flying Lotus, Breakage, and more..

Friday, April 09, 2010

Furious and Disturbing Events: "Collateral Murder" Furious Mix-Up

HERE is the latest Furious Show, spotlighting the grotesque Iraq War videos from WikiLeaks. Lots of anti-war sounds, including War of the Worlds, Saul Williams, and other hypnotic material. Underground, revolutionary HipHop from Laser Sword, Love and Light, NastyNasty, and more (with help from DJ Tooth-Hurty, DJ D-Caf, and DJ Sporty).

End the War!

Brought to you by the newly minted "DR." Furious.


FUrious April Fools Day RNC Bondage Mix-Up

HERE is the April Fools Furious George Show, spotlighting the RNC Bondagegate and other whacked-out clips about the absurd right-wing nut-jobs are spotlighted on this week's April Fools Furious George Special, mixed by Dr. Furious, an old-school Pirate DJ (Free Radio Asheville) and now broadcasting on WCOM LPFM in Chapel Hill, NC. New underground sounds from Fly-Low, Dan the Automator, and other beats.l,
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