Friday, June 24, 2016

Furious Occupy the House Special

HERE is the show in solidarity with the brave members of the US House who occupied the well to raise awareness about the tragic Orlando shooting and need for urgent Gun Safety Regulations, with help from Stephen Colbert, Thom Hartman, Mark Fiore, Democracy Now, The Onion, and of course the amazing voices of John Lewis (D-GA) and others who took over the House!!! Cool music from Young Fathers, Low End 1, and the Fly Low Radio 1 podcast.

Friday, June 03, 2016

Furious Feeling the Bern Special

HERE is the show for all Berniacs, our a fearless longtime hero.  Propelling the revolution over the top IN CALIFORNIA on Tuesday and onto the finish line!  The Furious micropowered, independent, revolutionary radio show dedicates this hour to BERNIE SANDERS!!   Lots of West Coast music to make sure the beats are heard in CA, including Tokimonsta, Lil Dickey, Flying Lotus, Low End Theory 12, and more...
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