Friday, January 20, 2012

Furious Outrage Against PIPA/SOPA Censorship

HERE is the show spotlighting the fight against internet censorship and big corporate media's SOPA/PIPA bills in congress, with clips from DemNow, TED, Mark Foire, Daily Show, and more... brought to you through a series of tubes. Music from FlyLow, Boards of Canada, FlyAmSam, Lukid, Bboys, and more. Guest DJ: Skebby-1 Kanobi (a.k.a. Scurious George; a.k.a. Skee George)

Friday, January 06, 2012

Furious First Week of the Presidential Puppet Show

HERE is the show rocking in the new year with Distract-o-tron, Journeys into the mind of a wall st banker, DJ The Homeostasis, killer turkey returns, and more. New and old, including plenty of das rascist, tribe called quest, beastie boys, gasslamp killler, lorn, low end 7, and more. Old School homeostasis in the house.
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