Friday, October 13, 2017

Trumpacolypse Now: Fake News, F'ing Morons, and Paper Towels

Here is the show spotlighting President Rump's attack on the first amendment, the terrible Vegas shooting, and we tip-toe up to nuclear war, with help from The President's Show;  "The Real News Tonight" Colbert and Stewart, old PSAs about nuclear winter, fire rages through S. Cali, Puerto Rico gets paper towels, Sen. Corker explains the "Beforetimes," Intercepted with J Scahill, S Meyers breaks down the numbers, and Cracked, Mathews, FOD, SNL explain the NRA and guns, Sam B explains office etiquette, and Eminem slams tRump freestyle! 

New music from Kedr Livanskiy, TuneYard's Gangsta, Lord Raja, Zavala reversed, Gasslamp, Two Fresh, and 1970's "Richard Twice" resampled with Diplo. 
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