Sunday, August 16, 2009

The Birth of a Nation of Tea-Baggers

HERE is the show spotlighting those fucked up tea-bagging birther militia freaks showing up at the town-halls. Talk about falling on your sword-- way to take a stand against better health. Nice one right-reich-wingers! New music from local boys Social Memory Complex with their unreleased track "Blind Faith", a kickass dubstep compilation called "Steppas Delight", new Flying Lotus called "Black Fist", Sextyime memecast 38, Chem Brothers, and more... with clips from Ed Shutz' show, the Daily Show, the Onion, and bringing it back with that crazy old lady from the McCain Rally. If Obama drops the public plan in Health Care becuase he's scared of these bat-shit crazy PAID right-wing provaceteurs, let's HOPE this is not the change he was talking about, nor was it the critical habitat for Polar Bears, or liscinging 40+ permits for Mountain Top Removal Coal Mining in the Apps, or even the WEAK ass climate bill. be furious!


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