Friday, December 09, 2011

Furious Climate Occupations

HERE is the show covering the climate justice protests going down in S. Africa at the COP 17, including clips about Abigail Borah interrupting the U.S. delegate, Occupy Cop 17, Greenpeace, Occupations at DC, and Gov. Rick Perry bareback's Santa. New Music from Teeb's Collections, Lukid's Foma, Low Limit, Modeselecktor, and more.

Scientists say we have about 5 years before we reach the tipping point: irreversible, intensifying climate-related extreme weather patterns. Btw: 2011 = recording breaking number of $billion weather catastrophes, (more than all of the 1980's COMBINED.) And, let's not forget 2010 = THE hottest year on-record, ever. Hottest Ever. And, this is just the tip of the melting ice-burg: when the heat cranks up to records set in 2010, climate scientists believe the outer-shelves of the Greenland ice-shield could crack at any time, bringing a 2 meter (6ft) rise worldwide. yeah... NYC, SFO, Miami, etc. etc. And, today, the UN negotiations are flailing predictably, under corporate influence and inept gov puppets.

This week 12-years ago, we shut down the World Trade Organization meetings in Seattle, WA... had the whole thing shut down, and the meetings collapsed 4 days later. Today, Occupatistas are doing the same at different scales (three months long vs. 1 wk, etc.). Some are new players, with climate denialists joined COINTELPRO. The movement didn't go anywhere since the globalization protests and the wild-old environmental campaign days; the world has simply got more f*cked, and more people have come to the movement. One day, everyone will be an environmentalists. Or, die denying it.

Life seems so fearfully dire and inspiring at the same time. Occupy Global Justice. Occupy Ecology. I'm Furious!


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