Saturday, February 01, 2014

Carolina Conflict

HERE is the show highlighting the major battle in North Carolina for the heart of the state-- between the elite 1% corporations masquerading as people vs everyone else! A great new documentary from Bill Moyers (at 16:00) "State in Conflict", with help from Democracy Now, Rachel Maddow, and the Daily Show serves up Buncombe Co's Don Yelton- the racist gadfly republican who I remember fighting in the 1990's in Asheville. Now you know where the term Bunk comes from... no joke. Come protest Feb 8th in Raleigh!!!Gnarles Barkley kicks it off with "Charity Case", an old"Dreamtempo" mix from Bassnector, Asheville's Two Fresh Beats, Fly Low, DJ Every, and more... Thanks to DJ Nice Mike for the random clips.


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