Friday, July 28, 2017

TRUMPACOLYPSE NOW: Satire is Dead, Sad!

Here is the show where we kick things off with new music from Hatiohead – TWEET (Radiohead’s “Special” Remix), Michael Moore calls for satirical shivs, Mark F explains Satires demise, Trump suffers from TBS (temp bone spurs) preventing him from serving while he strips Trans soldiers from the military, Don Jr’s “Nothing Burger” recipe, Secret recordings from the White House tour voice mail, Sam B shreds the Mooche, Ron Perlman impersonates the Garbler in Chief, and the The President Show gets into the first 6 months and screams at TVs... Plus new music from Kendrick (Feel), requested by DJ Acey A on his 9th Bday, some classic DJ Shadow, Beasties’ “Skills” (For Acey A, too), Zavala, Lord Raja, Chance’s Favorite Song, and more... 


Blogger J Lindgren said...

Dude! This show rocks!! Keep up the good work SON! WERD!

11:11 AM  

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