Saturday, October 18, 2008

Hope vs McPain

HERE is the show "Hope vs McPain", with fucked up clips from Palin's exorcism, wingnut nazi racists at Palin Rallys, and soo much more...

New music from NC Based (Raleigh) hiphop electronic geniuses "ExMonkeys", SanFran's Flying Lotus, and MadLib's new "Dil Cosby Album." Also, the new Madvilliany II. Old school quasimoto, de la soul, and more.

Plus, a remix of Obama's "yes we can" with "Tomorrow People" from the Beat Konductor...

Oh yeah, McPain needs depends!


Blogger Wrecking Ball Radio Show said...

Keep up the great work, FG. Your show blows me away sometimes.

I linked to you on my new blogspot site, btw.

7:31 AM  

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