Friday, November 28, 2008

ThanksGrieving 2008

HERE is the annual Thanksgrieving show for 2008. Furious spins his annual "thanksgrieving" show to bring a little humor and conscientiousness to this fucked up holiday... includes "Flash Tofurkey drama", Invasion of Wounded Knee, Burroughs "Thanksgiving Prayer", eat till you puke; slaughter millions of birds; pretend genocide didn't happen... GIVE THANKS!

New music from the Beat Konducta's Dil Withers and Dil Cosby suites, Music for Martians, Old school shit from KRS,1, Beastie's, and more...


Blogger SOR said...

Thanks for another great show! I lost your email wanted to send a link to new Paris album Acid Reflex:
Also Video check it! will be airing x-giving show on FRSC! Cheers!
Skidmark Bob

11:33 AM  

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